FAQ and answers about our escorts

Before call our receptionist

No matter how detailed we expose our offers, it is normal that you can have additional questions. We respect your need to be informed. That is why we created this quick guide, to help you get several answers to common questions.

1. When to call for booking an escort ?

It’s your choice. Reservations can be made in advance and you will have access to more girls to choose from. Of course, we offer services for those who have decided at the last minute, but the number of girls available is limited.

2. Where I will meet the escort ?

You can meet our ladies at your home, in a hotel room, at a restaurant for a romatic dinner or any other place that offers safety for girls who are part of our team. It is important to communicate the correct address.

3. How many hours should I book ?

The answer depends on your needs and budget. If you need a short fun, one hour or 90 minutes is enough. If you want relaxing experiences, book 3 or 5 hours. If you want the lowest price per hour, then book Overnight package.

4. Customers with disabilities ?

No need to worry, we do not discriminate between customers. Regardless of your situation, we are at your disposal, with the most beautiful and sophisticated girls. You will be surprised by the warmth of these women.

5. What are the payment methods ?

The preferred method is payment in cash. Of course, we also accept payment via bank transfer. Whichever method you prefer, you should know that payment is made in advance, before enjoying the service.

6. I live in another city, what are the costs ?

If you live in the same city in which is our agency, no travel costs. If you live in a city far away, the additional costs are required to travel. You will find these prices from our receptionist before making your booking.

7. We can negotiate your rates ?

We are an intermediary between girls and you. Prices are those requested by girls. We already made every effort to get the lowest rates for these premium escorts. For discounts, the only solution is to book in advance for several hours.

8. Special requests are accepted ?

It is no accident that you found our escort club: we are known for romantic fulfillment of all customer needs. If your request is legal and safe for girls, we will make every effort for you to be satisfied completely.

9. How do I prepare for the date ?

No need to do anything special. Only physical cleanliness is important. Even if you’re nervous or in a bad mood, even if you’re bored, our girls are experienced and will immediately bring a smile on your face.

10. Can I book a girl for a dinner date ?

Of course, we have a special offer for this, called Dinner Date. Dinner can be at a restaurant in town, at your home or hotel, depending on your needs. Our escorts speak English, so you will live truly romantic moments.

Answer not found ? Call our receptionist !

We understand that maybe you have other questions. If you have not found the answer here, we invite you to call our receptionist at our phone numbers. Thank you !